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[MOL] *** Radiation may raise childhood leukemia risk

Good Morning My Friends. Though this might be of some interest. Have a
great day and love to all.

Ahhhh, September and New YOrk is getting closer and closer. Cant wait.

God Bless
marty auslander

British scientists said Wednesday they have discovered how radiation
can increase the risk of childhood leukemia. They found that male
mice exposed to high doses of radiation had damaged sperm and
produced offspring which had a greater chance of getting the blood
cancer. "There is no doubt that the group of animals that were the
product of preconceptional paternal irradiation had a greater
susceptibility to the induction of leukemia," said Dr Brian Lord, the
head of the research team. Lord, an expert on the effects of
plutonium on the development of the blood system, emphasized the
study was done on mice and did not explain the outbreak of clusters
of the disease in children living near nuclear power plants. See

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