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[MOL] Elevated Liver Enzymes on Testing

Dear mol-cancer Folk,

I am three years, post-breast cancer, having had a lumpectomy, chemo,
radiation and now Tamoxifen.  I have had a hysterectomy the year before
being diagnosed with the cancer.  There did not seem to be any family
history for cancer except late life females who recently developed
breast cancer.  We all had been taking estrogen higher doses.

I have a good surgeon, and good oncologist.  By good I mean he is
Harvard or John Hopkins educated and stays up on the Literature.
These elevated liver tests concern me alot.  I can't seem to get them
out of my psyche.  I have had abdominal Cat Scan, negative, hepatitis C
negative, and diabetes, negative.  I am overweight, having spent most
of my life, easy thin.  All of my increased weight is in my stomach.
Sound familiar?  I am also 51 years old, use to excercise regularly and
often, but not now and yes I take good vitamins (Spectro with Sibernia
Ginseng, and Q-10 co-Enzyme when I can afford it.  Yes, I try to eat
more vegetable, use only olive oil, and read labels.

What upsets me is something called cancer was found in my body and
I just cant't shake it.  I have put off going to Cancer Support because
I just don't usually do groups.  Anyone else have these elevated Liver
Tests over a long period of time and what can I do about it?

Thank you for listening.  GBeller
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