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[MOL] More Information about Multiple Myeloma and Hycamtin

My Dear friends, I thought this series of information about Multiple
Myeloma and new treatment available would not only brighten your day,
but help us with a clearer understanding in order for those caregivers
to learn and help research the necessary topics to this disease in order
to provide the survivor with options. Hope it benefits.

God Bless
marty auslander

Hycamtin Shows Promising Results in Phase II Trial

In this phase II clinical trial, patients (n=46) with refractory or
multiple myeloma who had received one prior chemotherapy treatment were
administered Hycamtin 1.25 mg/m2 as a 30 minute infusion for five
days every three weeks.  Patients received a median of four cycles of
Hycamtin.   Some patients also received granulocyte-colony stimulating
(G-CSF) if they developed grade three or four neutropenia following the
course of chemotherapy.  The median time from first treatment for
myeloma to the initiation of treatment with Hycamtin was 13 months.

Forty-three patients were evaluable for response; the overall response
was 16 percent (response was defined as at least a 50 percent reduction
monoclonal protein levels in the blood).  Patient responses were
sustained at
least 70 days, with some patients responding for more than 477 days. 
median progression-free survival time was 13 months, and the median
time was 28 months.

"This study is significant because most agents demonstrate little
activity as
a single-agent for relapsed myeloma in clinical studies.  Response rates
usually higher when combination treatments are used, so we look forward
seeing results from combination studies involving Hycamtin," said Dr.

As with most chemotherapeutic agents, the most commonly reported side
was myelosuppression which was dose-limiting.  Thrombocytopenia and
were also frequent complications.  More than half the patients
mild vomiting or diarrhea.

Multiple Myeloma

Multiple myeloma is a cancer of the bone marrow that is related to
or lymphoma and is characterized by an uncontrolled growth of plasma
In otherwise healthy adults, plasma cells comprise less than 5 percent
bone marrow cells.  People with multiple myeloma, however, have large
of plasma cells in their bone marrow (usually more than 10 percent and
more than 90 percent of bone marrow cells).

Multiple myeloma accounts for about 10 percent of all hematologic
An estimated 12,000 new cases occur each year.  The disease is most
among individuals ages 50-70, with peak incidence occurring between ages
60-65.  Median survival time with currently used single-agent therapies
is 6
to 25 months.
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