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[MOL] Rich

Dear Vicci,

Hi, kiddo!  All that stuff happened to me in 12/97.  I never had any chemo
or radiation in 1990; they said they didn't think I needed any.  It was all
very hard to bear; but the worst thing was that I didn't expect any of it. 
My doctor had told me I wouldn't get sick, and even with all I had already
been through, I believed him.  They always give an antinausea medicine
before the chemo drip, but for me, this only lasted 4 hours or so.    It
helps if you are prepared, or at least know what might happen.  This list
is also a big help.  I have copied a book already on things people do to
help them get through.

I feel better now, if I should have to ever go through it again, I guess,
because I know the worst that might happen.  I have confidence in my
doctor.  I know that the rottenness is time limited; i.e., in such and such
a time, this part will lighten.
Dumb things help too like how since we moved to our new house, (3/98), my
son has a bus to school.  He didn't have that before; I had to drive him. 
Also, I would keep it in my mind all the time, this feels really shitty,

Right before I went to my present doctor, (I expected to get a chemo
treatment that day), I took my son to the supermarket.  I told him, mommy's
going to get more of that medicine that made her so sick tomorrow, so she's
not going to be able to cook for a few days.  Buy whatever you want, and
more than one!  I let him buy all that stuff kids always want to buy, but
you always tell them they can't.  I had the pillows in the bathroom, the
sofa cushion, blankets, spring water and my walkman.  That appointment was
when my doctor told me he wanted to try to treat me on hormonal meds alone.
 I'll tell you the truth, before I left his office, I grabbed his hand and
kissed it.  It really freaked him out!  

You know we are all here for you and Rich.  Lots of love, hugs, and prayers

Martha Cerreto             
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