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[MOL] Update on Rich

Dear Friends,
I only get a few e-mails answered then have to get up and see to something.
That's why I haven't been able to answer all the mail yet.  I'm trying
Just got done opening over 200 today and by the time I did that there are
100 more to open......We are just one gabby group, wouldn't you say?

Anyway,  We went to the oncologist yesterday and I'm still trying to absorb
everything she told us.  I like her alot.  Spent time with us, answered all
our questions.  

Rich has Rectal Adenocarcinoma, Duke C or Stage III.  I knew there was
something I didn't know.  But they only found this out after Rich's surgery
the Dr. took 9 lymph nodes out around the cancer site and 6 of the 9 were
infected.  Sooooooo.....we start 5-6 months of chemo and radiation in the
next week or two.  First 5 days of Chemo and then a resting period and then
5 more   days of it and then some radiation and so on.  They will use 5 FU.
 They said his hair would probably not fall out and that most people
tolerate this drug well.  Any opinions on this?  

Rich is still taking this very well.  I'm, to say the least, very
It's certainly not what I thought I was going to hear.  The tumor was 2 1/2
cm long.  They are doing the first CT scan this Friday to see if they see
the cancer anywhere else?  Can someone explain a CT scan to me?  Dr. said
it's like what they use to judge future CT scans with.  Dr. said CT scan
will also tell us a little more about why he's neasuas so much and if there
is any other reasons why his appetite is way off.  And why he gets the
sweats off and on.  He's just been pretty miserable and then has those good
times too. 

He's been really trying to be cooperative and I can see he has to work on
So I've been giving him a break and he's been giving us one.  He did not
like the hour wait in the Drs. office yesterday tho.  Patience is NOT one
of his virtues or his father's or grandfather's.  I guess I was thinking
there would be a personality change after his surgery.  It would make me
more humble.

I also, finally, called the 1-800-4CANCER and they were very nice and
informative.  The lady told me what their recommendation would be and it's
right on target with what is planned for Rich.  I was happy they agreed.

I'm still handling this pretty well.  His survival rate WAS 90% but has
dropped to about 70-80% with the infected lymph nodes.  These Dr's. are on
the ball, each setting up appointments for Rich to go to next.  I feel we
are in good hands here and I'm optimistic about the future.  Until I'm told
otherwise.  Then we'll work on that if and when the time comes.  

I'm going to try and answer some of your emails now.  Tomorrow I will tell
you a little more about my home situation and why I can't get to these
e-mails sooner and more often.

Love you all.......Thinking of you, wishing the best for you, praying for


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