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[MOL] Big Rocks- Great Story

Dear Liz P,
I liked that a lot.  Sometimes with our busy schedules we forget the
IMPORTANT things.  It's always sitting on the edge of your mind
that.......I haven't played with the grandkids today or made that call to
my mother in law in a while or petted my cat enough or asked my husband if
he needs anything.
(He just had carpul tunnel and elbow surgery last fri) He's been a really
good patient as he knows my plate if full right now..but he used to be a
lot like my son Rich.  In my conquering way he has mellowed with age to
become almost the perfect person.  My personality just doesn't fit well
with crabby people.  I do my own thing and enjoy my life.  I expect others
to do the same.  But they tend to get bored and try to catch a high on my
ride or they want me to feel as they do.  I got completely off the subject,
didn't I.  Anyway you've put things in perspective for me today and what
I'm trying to say is, we all need that once in a while.  Me probably more
often.       Love   Vicci

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