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[MOL] Thank you Lynette

Dearest Lynette,

The miracle of life is the coming together of good and Godly people,

those that give us a sense of what values and virtues are. The ability

to laugh at ourselves, to laugh at each other and then to come to the

aid of our family. Les, your Father, is one of those rare souls that has

this gift. I know that the miracle he provides us all with, will be

given to him in time. We all pray for that. Pls tell Les, that we will

walk with him and his wonderful family every step of the way, as he

would with us.

Take care Lynette, I and many others will send you more information as

we research for him and you.

God Bless

marty auslander

Lesnpeg@aol.com wrote:


> Marty,


> Thank you for the information.  I will pass this along to Les, I want to thank

> you for all of your wonderful support....I know that it has been a Godsend for

> my father...being able to talk to people that have a little more understanding

> about what other cancer patients have gone through.....Not only that but I

> believe you have also given him an outlet in which he could express his

> feelings about what he is going thru.....We appreciate it....I think all of

> you Molrs are a great group of people......I feel as if I know you all thru

> the letters I have read....We will keep you posted on the treatment and how

> Les is feeling...


> thank you God bless,


> Les's daughter, Lynette
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