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[MOL] Eloise....NCCS CanSearch

Eloise, I thought I would send this to you as a good starting place for much research..  I can remember when I first started looking for information on every aspect.. how I stumbled into and onto the sites slowly...   I believe that this site will help you to get started quickly and I know that others here will help you too..
As far as alternative treatment goes..   Go pick up the book by Greg Anderson "50 Essential things to do when the Diagnosis is Cancer"  Then you might want to get the Cancer conqueror, also by him.. there are many other authors.. but the "50 Essential"  really compacts alot of information and makes it easy to see that cancer is a journey and not a trip that you aim for a destination and arrive at...   I will keep you in my prayers and please keep us informed and stay with this forum.. There are many good hearts, fervent prayers and lots of smiles and hugs here to be shared...  With Love, Carla


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