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[MOL] Donna

Donna, I am sure that you are confused and a frightened by the appointment today...  I also know that everyone here will be praying for you and that Doctors are not God..  Only God will tell you when He is ready for you..   Even if the general rule of thumb is 1-2 years... you don't necessarily need to follow the rule of thumb...  Keep your faith, your good attitude and your sense of adventure and humor!!  As you know from here, a good laugh and smile....merits alot better day!!  Hugs and hugs....  help too!!  Grab that man of yours and just do it!!  Hug I mean!! LOL!!
One more thing... I am glad you are still on the quest for information and certainty  about which doctor and treatment..  I liked my first and second opinion surgeons..  The second one also was very doubtful about my seeing the third which is what made me decide to go..  Was I ever glad that I did.. That was the surgeon that I went with and his procedure saved me a whole lot of cutting!!  God Bless you...Your friend, Carla