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Re: [MOL] LES - stereotatic radiation

Hi Lynette,
You are a real sweetheart for taking the time to write to everyone, if at
anytime you feel pressed for time, just address to all MOL's, we all read the
mail and that will save you some time, your family is very special to us.  I
still hope to meet you when we come down to my daughters house.  I'm sorry
that I interrupted you while you where busy writing to all the mols.  If ever
any of you are in need that my Daughter can help you with, just ask me, and
I'll send her over to you, if you want her phone number, I can give that to
you too.  How old are you?  What size t-shirt do you wear?  We are here for
your family.  Tell your Dad we are all jumping up and down, until God quits
messing with his head, we don't like it and we need you Dad, back up and
running the MOL's grins. :)
 Love and prayers to you and yours,
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