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Re: [MOL] CT scan results

Dear Lynette, 

You are so kind to try to contact each of us individually like this, but
I please know that it is not necessary. We just love Les, and want to do
anything and everything we can to help him through this. We are so
greatful for your help in keeping us connected to him, but also please
know that we are here for you and your mom, too, during this bend in the
road. That means you can rant or rave, or borrow a shoulder, or anything
that helps. After all, you're family. Love, Joicy wrote:
> Joicy,
> Thank you for your prayers,  for now I am trying to keep everyone in touch on
> how my father is doing....thank you and the rest of the MOLrs for
> everything....there is always hope....God bless
> Lynette
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