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Re: [MOL] (Marty A.) Birthday

Marty and any other Molers Who can give me info

Marty, as I stated I am about to tell you the info  my friend recieved today
at the oncologist's office.  She has Adenocarcionm with an unknown primary.
ALthough all flags indicate it is from the colon, intestines or some gastro
area.  They have tested ovaries, colon, stomach, pancreas, bone, lungs and
breast.  The only place it is showing up is in the liver.  SHe has one tumor
the size of 5cm and several other smaller ones.  THey are going to treat it
with chemo that would apply to the gastro area.  Plan A is to undergo chemo
once a week for six weeks then off 2 with blood work before each treatment.
SOmewhere about 3 or 4 weeks into first series they will check to see
progress.  The chemo is don intraveinously and it is a chem called 5FU.  I
believe it is formally called Fluorouracil.  I am not certain of the spelling.
The doctor stated that the side affects should be mild and they may be
diarreaha, nausea, thrush.  THey will treat the nausea with the drug
Prochlorperazine.  THe doctor still did not state the stage of theis cancer.
He did say that he should be able to get it in remixxion and hopefully cured.
My friend still is not receptive to seeking another opinion.  I truly wish she
would.  She did say that now she will start learning about this so I am
hopeful this will prove to be true.  She had her first treatment today and
seemed estremely up and happy almost like she was high on something.  I am
seeking info on this treatment and to know if anyone out there has knowledge
of this type of cancer.   I also would like suggestions as to how I can get my
friend to in fact seek the pros out there and just exactly where the pros are.
In other words please provide me with any and all info you can.  Again I thank
you and everyone for your help.  I am deeply touched by this group of
dedicated people.  My prayers are with each and everyone of you.

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