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Re: [MOL] Keith

Thank you so much,  It has been awhile since I have been here. June 21 or so was the last time.  I have 2000 + emails to read, it'll take me a month  LOL.  well thanks againb I hope everyone is doing well  My heart to Debra Downs and her family.  Stay out of the heat guys  God Bless
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Date: Monday, June 22, 1998 9:30 PM
Subject: Re: [MOL] Keith


             Keith:  Good to see you back on line.  If you take your browser and type in          in Nomi Juice the site should pull up for you.  Often alternative meds.
            work well in conjunction with traditional meds.  Good luck to you both and
            we look forward to talking with your friend.  Lillian

Safety Concepts wrote:

  Hey Guys,Has anyone heard from Ron yet?  I hope that he is doing well,  my thoughts and wishes with him.  My dear friend Carl has been doing chemo for his liver cancer for the past 8 months or so,  the liver is fuctioning but still big.  They stopped the chemo because they relized it wasnt working. He now has a least two dozen spots on his liver.  Thank God is still eligible for a transplant.  If he doesnt get it He will die.  I have convinced him to try natural medicine (homeopath?).  He is a fighter.  But after reading about "nani juice" I told him but his doctor advised against it.  I beleive in the old knowledge and now he is willing and wanting to try.  Please can someone help me to locate the nai juice people again? :)   Also I heard of a husband wife team from Rhode Island that are fantastic with htier result with natural medicine.  IF any one may know what I am talking about please let me know.  Each time I see him i cant help but to think that it may be the last,  you all know how i feel,  I have now to talk to about it but him. Carl is also very interested in hearing from some of you sweet people.h his email is    " "  I read every posting on hear and I close my eyes and hug all of you. Keith
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Date: Wednesday, June 17, 1998 4:17 PM
Subject: [MOL] For CarlaCarla, Thanks so much for the pictures.  They were great!!  It's really neat to be able to put a face to the name of a friend/family member.  Thanks again!!! cindy

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