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Re: [MOL] Interested in treatment possibilities

Dear Eloise,

I too was recently diagnosed with the same form of cancer however, mine
involves my trachea. They will not consider surgery at this time.  My Drs.
here have only talked about radiation and chemo.  And they are saying that it
would only extend my life for a short period of time.  I cannot and will not
accept that.  And you should not either.  I do not know the Net site however
if you do a net search for Staten Island University Hospital you will find
information regarding  a relatively new form of radiation being done there.
Also, I will forward you an e-mail titled HOPE AND OPTIMISIM which will get
you to another site you need to read now.  That is all I can provide you with
however, there are many, many others on this forum in the same boat as you
honey, so hang in there and be positive!   

Your friend,

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