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[MOL] Interested in treatment possibilities

I have recently been diagnosed w/ pulmonary adenocarcinoma of the
bronchoalveolar type ( I believe). The only treatment being discussed by my
physician is chemotherapy (a combination of taxol and carboplatin). The two
doctors I have consulted differed in their opinion regarding how much time
this treatment might offer, but it may only improve the quality of my life for
a matter of months. Obviously, I am interested in what is ongoing as far as
treatment alternatives and/or clinical trials. Have recently contracted w/
Best Doctors for info re:who's doing the best work w/ this illness, but have
received no reports and been encouraged to investigate clinical trials. \

Please forward any relevant information you might have so that my husband and
I can make better informed treatment decisions.

Thank you,
Eloise Hendryx

ps I am new to using the Internet and e-mail
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