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Re: [MOL] LES - stereotatic radiation

Dear Nonie,
How great to see you on-line! Hope it means that you are feeling a
little better? You have been missed, girlfriend, and your information
comes at a good time. Looking forward to talking to you further. Love
and prayers, Joicy

John Waller wrote:
> Les,
> I have what "they" call a recurring brain tumor, although it is actually
> in the pituitary sella which is behind the eyes at the base of the
> brain.  I have gone through Gamma Knife Surgery (stereotactic radiation)
> at the University of Virginia Health System, Charlottesville, VA.  The
> doctor who oversees the surgery is Dr. Ladislau Steiner, one of the two
> inventors of the Gamma Knife, and the foremost expert on stereotactic
> radiation in the country.  If you want more information on my
> experience, I'd be glad to provide it.  If you want more information on
> the procedure, you can go to their web site (see below), or you can
> contact the person below.  Please feel free to use my name as your
> source, and that my surgery (that's what they call it even though it is
> a non-invasive type surgery) was May 22, 1997;  treatment was for tumor
> in the pituitary sella (brain tumor).  As one doctor says, this type of
> radiation is "so precise, it can nick an atom off the eyelid of a flea!"
> I think that either as a second opinion, or your first line of defense,
> there is no better place on earth to be than at the hospital in
> Charlottesville.
> You are very important to us MOLERs!  Please keep us posted as to your
> progress.
> Nonie Waller   (see below)
>         Sophie Lee Yu
>         Administrative Director for Gamma Knife Surgery
>         Lars Leksell Center for Gamma Knife Radiosurgery
>         University of Virginia Health Sciences Center
>         Charlottesville, VA  222908
>         804 924-5733,  804 924-5842
>         e-mail:
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