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RE: [MOL] Ross - Numbers and my bio


Again, I don't think we are disagreeing with each other as much as
just listening to how it sounds when we talk :)

Thanks so much for your bio!  That brings up something that I've
been wanting to say to everyone--send in your bio even if you don't
have a photo, that way, we can read about you if we wanna know
more about you!  (Maybe we were out the day you introduced 
yourself--or came on board later, and are a "newcomer.")

You can then send in your photo later, if it becomes handy, and I
can easily add your photo then!

Thanks again John, and you're right--although there are some down-
sides to today's technology and SSN's and so forth, I think most of
us would gladly admit that we'll take those inconveniances along
with our modern medicine!



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My Dear Friend,

I agree with you.  Under ideal conditions, there would be something 
called "personal confidentiality".  Today, applying for a mortgage is 
like making full disclosure in running for public office.  So much of 
today's business is conducted by computer that the personal element is 
gone.  I remember sitting in a banker's office, reviewing my loan request 
for a mortgage, shaking hands and getting the loan...then seeing the same 
banker every time I visited the bank to make a deposit or make a payment. 
This time aroung, I was screened by a mortgage broker, heard from seven 
banks before I was finally advised at the closing that I was being 
financed by a Savings bank in Brooklyn!!...and God only knows who my 
mortgage may be sold to and how many times!

We live in a very impersonal world today and to a large extent have 
mearly become our SS number.  That is one reason why this site is so very is using the machine for what it was originally intended bring people TOGETHER!  

About the "That's Outrageous" section, I guess that's why I keep my 
Reader's Digest right next to the camode!!LOL 

God Bless my friend.  By the way, did you ever get the picture of me and 
my gang from Marty?  I'll send off a short bio by tomorrow.
John...hell, I'll do now:

	Hi, I'm John Lehner, a 56 year old cancer survivor who was
	diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the nose and mouth.
	After extensive surgery involving removal of my nose & upper 
	jaw, reconstructive surgery, and 27 radiation treatments I am 
	"cancer free".  I currently work full time in administration
	of a cancer research center in New York and have the support 
	of my wife, four girls and all my family on mol-cancer.

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