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Re: [MOL] Loving and staying...

Sherry:  Glad your staying.  I have attatched allot of information for you and hope that it helps.  Take care and God bless and a kiss for Katie!  Your friend, Lillian American Association of Health Plans
Membership Department
129 20th Street NW, Suite 600
Washington, DC 20036
Web site:
Insurance industry trade association that will provide information on insurance and health care issues.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
675 North St. Claire Street
Chicago, IL 60601

Department of Health and Human Services
Inspector General Hotline
Office of the Inspector General
P.O. Box 23489
Washington, DC 20026
U.S. government hotline for complaints regarding Medicare or Medicaid; provides assistance with issues of entitlements, benefits, insurance, and community resources.

Disabled American Veterans
807 Main Avenue SW
Washington, DC 20024
(202)554-3581 FAX
Web site:
Provides assistance with health benefits for U.S. veterans.

Hill-Burton Free Hospital Care
5600 Fishers Lane, Room 7-47
Rockville, MD 20857
(800)683-0742 Hotline
(301)594-5999 FAX
Web site:
U.S. government program that can arrange for cost-assisted care for disadvantaged individuals at certain medical facilities or hospitals.

National Insurance Consumer Hotline
1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004
Provides assistance in finding insurance coverage, information on insurance issues and a consumer complaint service.

                                            SUPPORT SERVICE TRAVEL


                                             Support Services: Hair Loss

Look Good, Feel Better
The American Cancer Society
Teaches women who have undergone cancer treatment how to improve appearance through cosmetics, wigs, scarfs, etc.

212 West Van Buren Street, 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60607
(312)294-8598 FAX
Web site:
Provides donated wigs free of charge. wrote:

Okay you talked me into it.. Not to be labeled a turncoat or anything, but I
think I'll stick around for a while, you guys/gals (always gotta be
politically correct, right? lol) are wonderful... thanks for the words of
encouragement and cheer, you really gave me a boost.  What's even better, the
"boosts" on here are allowed "as needed" and given with understanding.

Thanks again for all the information, Ross.  By the way, what is the "Album"
and how does it work?  I think I'm missing out on something here.  I'm hoping
it's a list of the people on here and what they are dealing with.  That would
be really helpful to me as a "newcomer" to add them to my own prayer list.
The only scanned photo I have of Katie right now is one of her when she was
just 2 years old with her brother, but I'll try to get a more recent one
scanned soon.  I hope all is going well with you - can I ask when you were
diagnosed and how it's gone for you?  I have learned there are several types
of brain tumors, none the same, and of course everyone who hasn't dealt with
this thinks all tumors and cancers are the same.  They think when we say she
had a clean resection that she has been cured.  Most of the time I can be
hopeful, but sometimes I want to slap them in the face and say "It's NOT OKAY!
I may be losing my little girl!"  It's so nice to talk to people who know how
difficult it can be without hiding behind platitudes.  Maybe that's the
difference, for everyone here this is reality and you can't hide from it no
matter how hard you want to try sometimes.

Does it make a difference for the Shriners organization for the second opinion
whether or not she has started radiation therapy?...  She's actually scheduled
to start it tomorrow.  Does anyone know what side effects we may be looking at
from radiation to the back of the head?

With prayers and hope...
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