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That worked wonders for my Mother, some times we had to give her a little
Roxinal along with it on the third day.  With the patches she didn't get so
zombied out, with just the Morphine, she was seeing things that wasn't there,
couldn't do anything for herself, see was a mess.  As we started weaning her
off, we found she was still having a lot of pain, Hospice told us some of that
could be from losing her mussel tone, so they started doing range and motion
exercise.  Today she is off all meds. walks with a cane, 82 years old, goes to
church almost every Sunday.  Prayers do work.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

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<< My father-in-law has gotten excellent results with patches containing a
 morphine relative, Duragesic (Fentanyl).  The patches are worn
 continuously for 3 days and are available in various dosages and
 completely eliminate the "spiking" and nausea of pill form pain killers.
 Dr. Robert "Skip" Williamson, 301-427-3746
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