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[MOL] Health Coverage

Just thought I'd share this little item from todays' news relevant to the 
Insurance discussion and something that should be of special interest to 
you, Christine, and your neighbor, Jeanne.  

"Low-income patients in Canada survive cancer at much higher rates than 
similary poor cancer patients in the United States.  That's according to 
a new study of nearly half a millian patients.
University of Windsor epidemiologist Kevin Gorey says for the 15 most 
common types of cancer, patients do better against their diseases in 
Canada, where they have access to more care in the universal, 
government-financed health system."

And what is the big fuss about a health number...don't you know you are 
already tracked in every way, including health, by your social-security 
number???!!!  Let the goodc times role! :+)

God Bless.

Christine wrote:
> In Canada, our health care system is totally government run. Everyone has a
> health card number and, you are correct, they can just about tell your life
> story from one little number. Most treatments, etc are covered. I did not
> have to pay anything for any tests or treatments that I had. I do know
> people who had to rent equipment, i.e. heart monitors, etc., and they had
> to go into debt.
> I think you are correct in the assumption that people will judge you
> differently and insurance companies will not insure you. I am making sure I
> don't lapse on my life insurance policy or I would not be able to get
> another one. Who said that life was fair!
> Christine
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