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[MOL] Les and Peg

Dear Les,

Darnit. Sorry for that diagnosis, my friend. Yes, of course we will

provide the both of you with all the support we can muster. 

May I urge to call three great comprehensive hospitals who have

techniques in radiology that are very successful with brain tumors. One

is Dr. Gil Ledermans, precise stereotactic radiosurgery at Staten Island

University in New YOrk.  The other is Loma Linda HOspital in Riverside

County, CAl who has the only Proton radiation machine in the world for

medicine and performs about 85 treatments  a day of Proton radiation.

The other is University California Irvine (UCI) in Orange, CAl who has

just constructed another Proton, Stereotactic radiosurgery type machine

that is also very progressive and successful with brain tumors.  Just

some ideas. I can get the phone numbers if you wish and the contacts.'


God Bless

marty auslander

Lesnpeg@aol.com wrote:


> I just got back from the Hosp and the CT scan found 10 tumors in the brain So

> it doesnt' look so good from here  Next step to see the radiologist to see

> what they can do.  Peggy needs all the support you can give her.


> L<3ve to you all  Les


> Ps Carla I do not have PMS but wish it was.  Les

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