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From: Bruce and Tracy Walter <btwalter@concentric.net>
To: raylital@mtu.edu <raylital@mtu.edu>
Date: Monday, July 20, 1998 9:38 PM
Subject: Photos

>I'm a new moler.

Welcome aboard!  You sure have come to the right place for
heavily biased information (how can we be unbiased?) and
lotsa laughs!!

>Are there guidelines for the bio?

Yes:  they say something about person or people in the photo.
         Whatever you want to say is fine!  Actually, if I can make
         a request, I'd rather you do your best to make it say the
         things you want, so I can just "cut & paste."  I'll make
         corrections to spelling errors ( *IF* I catch them--note the
         big *IF*, I'm not a good spiller, and I won't be looking for
         spilling errrs.)

        Since we are all dealing with Cancer--it might be helpful
          if you say something about the cancer you or your loved
        one(s) are dealing with.  That way, new people can look
        at the album and see if anyone has the same kind of
        problems that they have (usually that is the case, I've been

        Pictures of yourself dancing in the buff with a broomstick
        get higher priority when getting placed into the Album.
        For example, ("Zeos" gets placed before "Abby")
        Actually, parental discretion is advised--I don't want to
        be involved with anything I'd be ashamed to show my

        Have fun--I wish I had a scanner--I have some really dopey
        pictures of myself that I'd love to use (sigh...someday....)

>Do you have any suggestions for the "best way" to get a photo into the
>computer?  I think my machine is capable, it is me that is limited.

"Best ways" are many and varied.  Here are a couple of things I
have found NOT to work (so you can perhaps be ahead by learning
from my mistakes):

        Don't put photos in the floppy drive.  Actually, I never had a
        photo in the floppy drive, but I have been surprised to discover
        after many attempts to read and repair a floppy, that one of
        my kids had stuffed paper in my floppy drive.  It was tricky
        getting it out--by inferance, don't put photos in the floppy drive.

        Don't try to hold the photo on the monitor so long that the image
        is supposed to "burn into" a document.  It seems logical but
        I'm afraid your time can be put to much better utility.  Even
        mowing the lawn runs a close second behind holding a photo
        up to your monitor all afternoon--it just doesn't work.

Depending on what state your photograph is in, there are a couple of
things you can try to actually get it into the MOL Photo Album.

1) If your photograph is already in your computer--most email programs
that I've seen have a way to "Insert a File Attachment" into your email
document.  Sometimes the icon for this "attachment" analogy is a
paperclip.  With seven children, the oldest being age ten, I've thought
that a wad of gum would be much more intiutive.

If you have a paper clip, then clicking on it usually opens up a file
-browser type of dialog, which hopefully allows you to find your photo
and attach it to your email, by selecting your photo and choosing "OK."

2) If your photograph is in your hand, then you need to get it into the
computer and then proceed to step #1, (I did this backwards didn't I?)
Usually this is done with some kind of scanner.  I see many different
types of scanners in the catalogs, and something tells me that they
probably are all operated in slightly different manners.  If you have a
scanner, the step #2a) would be to find a manual.  Once you find a
manual, you should be well on your way to the MOL Photo Album.

3) If you don't have a scanner, then you need to find someone who
does.  You may have one at work, and have been nice to the person
who operates the scanner, it usually is no problem to have them scan
a photo for you.  They will understand, and will be able to do it
without the boss catching them--it is something they do all day long.
People from all corners of the department have photos that they want

>Thank you (and thanks for the work you are doing on this.)

Thank you for submitting your photo!  The pleasure is really all mine!

>I'll look for a reply on the mol as I think a few others may be in my boat.

I hope they hurry and submit their photos as well!
( to: raylital@mtu.edu )


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