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Re: [MOL] Insurance Companies

Hi Cathy,
The guy I talked to at our insurance company today even said that the
Clinicals are supposed to be free.  HMO is something different anyway from
what I hear from people that have that.  We have Unitedhealthcare, and sure am
happy to hear that.  They pay for 1st and 2sec opinions, we've never had a
problem, whatever Medicare doesn't pay for our insurance picks it up.  We have
less then $1200.00 a month coming in, which goes pretty fast.  Medical care
would put us in the hole fast.  Our cancer clinic here has different fund
raising programs so they never turn anyone away that needs any type of cancer
treatments.  Where do you live Cathy?  We are in Muskegon, Michigan.  Three
miles from the shores of Lake Michigan.  Hey!  You my ramble all you want to
with me.  Maybe you could call 1-800-CANCER, or your local Red Cross, see if
they have any answers.  Does he belong to any VFW, he might get some help
there?  E-mail your State Senator, ask him/her for help.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

In a message dated 7/20/98 3:56:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

<< Nanc:
 I, too, thought that clinical trials were supposed to be free.  However, the
 Dr at Memorial Sloan Kettering said that my Dad's insurance won't pay for
 it.  The meds are ok because they will be administered to him here at our
 local hospital and not in NYC.  Could it be because it is an HMO?  I will
 have to do some more investigating.  Even my Dad's primary care physician
 called my Mom on the day before his appointment to let them know that only
 the 2nd opinion consultation is covered but that any care he gets at
 Memorial will not be...Does this sound wierd?  The other thing that I
 questioned was that here we were, at a state of the art cancer center, and
 when I asked the doctor about alternative treaments to be used in conjuction
 with conventional treatment, he dismissed it as "hogwash".  I would think
 Memorial would be a little more open-minded - I was somewhat dissapointed.
 Sorry to ramble...
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