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[MOL] Sheila

Sheila, I am so sorry for your pain and uncertainty right now.  Please know that what you are going through is so very normal.  Each day on the journey of life will show you a little more as to what you are to be doing.
Sheila, you are a wonderful daughter and you made the final leg of your fathers journey one that filled him and you with many blessings.  The time that you two spent together and the love that you shared helped to make his transition much easier and has left you with a talking photo album to place in your heart, to be pulled out and looked out whenever you want to.  Don't let the beauty of the time you shared leave your heart..
You know, we are all going to die one day; just as we were born we must die.  That is the circle of life.  The hard part of having a disease like cancer is that we may come to the end before we, or our loved ones are ready.  The question is though, are we ever ready to leave what we know and those that we love.  The answer to that is no.  So that is where our faith and our belief in God must take over.
God will call us to be with Him at the appointed time.  When we transition from our earthly family to our heavenly family, all things will be made known to us and the beauty of lifes circle is ours.  The hard part is for those of us who love and care about those who have gone on ahead of us to God.  That is what you are going through right now Sheila, the human feelings that come from being here and needing to face and accept the loss you have just suffered.
I do so hope that you will come to find it as a blessing.  For you did all that was humanly possible to make it so for you and your dad.  Grieve it out my dear friend and then each day, allow God to show you what you are to do with the growth that has taken place in you, because of the cancering journey.  We have all been blessed by sharing with you and I know that we will all be praying for you. 
You find what is right for you.  If it is to continue to be a part of us full time, then great...!!  If it is to drop by once in awhile....then great!!  If it is to say goodbye and do other things...then great!!!  God is good and God is great and he will supply your needs...  I am sending you a big hug my friend...and much love,  Carla