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Re: [MOL] IQ Test for today

Hi Ross,
That was cute, but I counted 3, and the way I see it, if there are a lot of
honest people out there, I'll be the one amongst many honest people, and
that's not a bad place to be.  Right?  I just knew you'd agree with me.
Love Ya,

In a message dated 7/20/98 1:36:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

 >There are six F's in the sentence.  One of average
 >intelligence finds three of them.  If you spotted four,
 >you're above average.  If you got five, you can turn
 >your nose at most anybody.  If you caught six, you
 >are a genius.  There is no catch.  Many people forget
 >the "OF"'s.  The human brain tends to see them as
 >V's and not F's. Pretty weird, huh?
 > >>
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