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[MOL] Les and Peggy

We love you and will pray for you both each and everyday..  Please do everything that you can to search for the answer. Don't settle for the radiologist that you are sent to locally..  I read Nancy's letter to you and that may be a wonderful option for you.  Whatever you do right now, don't give up.  It is not the time and not the answer.
I know that you are both in your own form of shock and pain.  Take the time to deal with that, as after you do, it will then be lessened and you will be able to go forward with much more openness to do what you need to as the next step.  Just keep going this way until you find your answers.
I remember sitting and crying the day before Thanksgiving when I got the percentages from the visit to the first oncologist...  I cried Thanksgiving day, I cried Christmas Eve, I cried Christmas Day, I cried New Years Eve and Day....why? because I was so sure this was my last set of holidays...
Then I remembered the true meaning of the holidays.  Faith, hope, putting away the old and starting anew and I realized that I must participate in the process of living and wanting to live and fighting to live.
Peg, I have not been lucky enough to have my family support me in this fight and I have needed them to just understand how I feel and love me.  I have wanted them to know that I need hugs and smiles and that it means so much to me at times to see their tears, for I know that I am not alone...  But, they have found other paths to deal with/or not deal with the cancering journey...  You have come this far Peggy and you have given love and support and hugs to your Les and you will make it the next leg of the journey..
You know that I am only 45 minutes from you two and I would love to come and meet you.. I am here for you and you have my phone number, so please call me anytime and if there is anything that I can do. 
Les, I know you feel defeated right now my friend, but don't let that be the ruler of your days...  Pick it up as soon as you can and go forward to do the battle.  We all use what we have for our own lives and we know that God will do the rest according to His plan.  You have the joy and the strength!
May God enable you both to know the comfort, strength, power, and certainty of His love....    With my love and hugs for you both... Carla