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Dear Marty and Family,

Disclosure of financial interests in reporting research findings has been 
the standard of mostly all reputable journals.  Researchers are REQUIRED 
by regulation to report ANY interests in private companies...wheather 
personal or family.  A decision is then made by the research orginization 
to permit the researcher to proceed with a project, divest 
himself/herself from the private company, or assign it to some one else, 
or create some level of review and supervision to assure the integrety of 
the work.

Misconduct and Conflict of Interest regulations have been in force in the 
United States for about eight years now and have been refined and 
strengthened over the years.  These regulations are not just a "paper 
cover".  About a scientist a week is found to be in violation and is 
bared from Federal Funding for three to five years.  These proceedings 
are circulated among the research community and there is a listing 
maintained by the Feds of those found guilty of misconduct.  Anyone 
interested can go to

The research in the United States is some of the finest in the world 
because of the oversite and controls that have been put in place.  True, 
it may move slower than some would does move forward however 
and the results are reliable and solid for the most part.  I think that, 
to suggest that solutions to disease are being withheld because of some 
monitary gain is ludicrous...a scientist stands to be rewarded richly for 
discoveries both professionally and financially!

Just some thoughts on a subject that I've seen jabs taken at from time to 
time...thoughts from someone working in the research environment.  I'm 
wide open to rebutals, thoughts, comments...but no criticism - I cry 
easely ;+)  

God Bless
Martin Auslander wrote:
> Good Morning My Friends,
> Thought this might be of some interest.
> God Bless and have a great Sunday.
> marty auslander
> Scientific journals should disclose the financial interests of their
> authors, even if peer review finds the research free of bias, an
> article in a medical journal said Tuesday. The lead article in this
> week's Journal of the American Medical Association, in an issue
> devoted largely to ethics, recommended that any financial interests
> of authors ought to be "those opposed to such disclosure policies
> argue that financial interest is one of many interests held by
> scientists, is the least scientifically dangerous, and should not be
> singled out," the report's co-authors wrote. See
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