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My heart goes out for you and your sister.  Not living close makes it even harder on you.  Pls. know that we will do all we can to help you through your sister's journey.  I have attached sites that will give you the medical answer's you need and advise you to go into trials and archives.  There are some good medications to takes for nausea  Zophran is one.  Did her doctor prescribe any medication for nausea?  What type of doctor is she seeing?  She also needs to build her immune system up; as chemo. reduces the immune system.  Perhaps if she stayed away from dairy  products this would help her also.  Many patients drink Ensure + and plenty of water , say 1 gal. per day.  If you need more help pls. know we are here for you.  Your friend, Lillian American Association of Health Plans
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I need some answers please from anyone having experienced chemotherapy for
colon cancer.  My sister has had a surgerical resection of her colon removing
the ascending and half of her transecting colon.  Seven of the eight lymph
nodes were invaded but the surgeon did not think the liver showed visible
signs of invasion.  Since the end of May she has continued to lose weight and
has been unable to keep solid food down.  She started chemo with levamisole,
5-fu and leucovorinon a weekly basis.  She is again in the hospital with
dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea.  Surgeon says no abcess, Oncologist
says not from chemo....I live in another state and am unable to get any
answers.  Can anyone give us any answers or even any hope.......please e-mail
Ohdonnado        God bless you.
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