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Re: [MOL] Re Vicci!

Well said, Liz, you are right on target. Love, Joicy

Elizabeth Patterson wrote:
> Hi Vicci,
> I have had some experience with people who fail to concern themselves with
> the needs of others. I have tended to put up with it when I shouldn't have.
> The problem is, behavior doesn't change if people will put up with
> misbehavior. He behaves himself at the doctor's office because he knows
> they won't (don't have time to) put up with the nonsense.
> Have you ever dealt with an alcoholic or with the rehab programs? Some of
> us tend to be enablers. This is a much discussed topic with people in the
> alcohol rehab program. It isn't only alcoholism that has enablers. We who
> love someone who exhibits inappropriate behavior tend to make excuses for
> it because we love him/her. We are not doing him a favor and we are
> certainly not helping ourselves.
> A winning personality which attracts others is often accompanied by an
> attitude that "the rules that govern the rest of the world don't apply to
> me." And as long as that attitude is reinforced by the rest of the family
> it won't change.
> I knew they made us take all those psychology classes for something. I
> guess I sound like a teacher, again. (lol)
> Your friend
> Liz P. Of Yakima
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