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Good for you Vicci! Love does not mean being a doormat, and illness is
not an excuse to act like a jerk. However, there are those who seem to
grow up with a sense of entitlement, and they will take all they can and
not think twice. It's not good for them and certainly not good for us.
None of us like being the "bad guy;" confrontation and setting limits is
not fun. But things only get worse if you don't nip them in the bud.
Someone can mistreat you only if you let them. I know you know all this
already -- just want to support you say stick to your guns!! In the end,
it is thee kindest thing you can do for him as well. You're all in my
prayers. Love, Joicy

on your replies, you may want to delete all but the most recent message,
or they take a loooooooong time to load! 

Dear Lillian,
You were much kinder to Rich than he deserves but it does help me to put
all in perspective.  I'm in agreement with Liz......I don't have time
someone who has already damaged theirselves with drugs and now won't
to the good advice from Dr's., parents, friends.  BUT...he just came
from the river WITH his girlfriend and their daughter and I had a low
hit below the belt, talk with him.  He was respectful and listened and I
hope, learned, that this behavior will NOT be tolerated.  My Mom also
has a
colostomy because of "short bowel syndrome"  lost when they didn't do
surgery on her fast enough because of a kinked bowel.  I talked alot
how she manages her illness and the way she treats people.  I told him
has no right to be obstinate and that if it continued he would be asked
leave.  I think I really have to be tough with this guy.  That's how it
with his drugs.  He was NOT welcome here.  Although he would tell anyone
that his parents would always be there for him.  That is not true.  We
all very sick of him.
Anyway, he took it well and will be reminded of inappropriate behavior
soon as it starts from now on.  Tough love for him and off the pity pot,
LOL    You are great.   Much love   Vicci
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