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Re: [MOL] Donna - you're the deadhead!


I was never grungy myself.  Always shaved those armpits.  I come from a
Catholic family.  I would have never gotten away with that.  My father did not
even approve of wearing jeans on Sunday.  

Yes, I loved those Dead concerts.  It always made me feel like we are all in
this thing together. I like alternative music as well.  Again, I also like
oldies but goodies, country, big band, blues, you name it.  

I too have had the urge to pick and just head to a concert.  I wish life were
that easy.  I always think of what Winston Churchill said, "If you are not a
liberal when you are young, you do not have a heart.  And if you are not a
conservative once you are older, you do not have a brain."    That statement
is soooooo true.  

I am heading off to another appointment with a 2nd thoracic surgeon this
morning.  Maybe he will have something else to say.  Right now they are saying
they cannot operate on my tumor because it is too close to my trachea.  I told
a friend over the weekend, I feel like a piece of real estate.  Location,
location, location. LOL!!!

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