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Re: [MOL] Just misc. - songs - Jean, you're a deadhea


Unbelievable!!! I was not at that concert since I am here on the east coast.
Sorry I missed that one.  I can't count how many Grateful Dead concerts I've
been to. Well over 75 (that's right 75).  I had the wonderful opportunity to
meet all members but Jerry.  he pased on right after the birth of my youngest.
I was home on maternity leave.  All I did was cry and play the Dead.  My
husband who is not a fan at all became physically ill after 3 days of that
nonsense. LOL!!! .  

I now feel a real kinship to you.  And yes, although I have moved on in my
life, a white collar job with dear old Uncle Sam, 3 kids, hubby and a
mortgage, I am still a hippie at heart. In fact I carry over those old beliefs
in many areas of my life.  I still believe we can and should all love one
another, Peace is good,  and there are no bad people in the world, just good
people who do bad things.

I have seen 3 of the groups/artists you mentioned plus countless others (Who,
Cat Stevens, Harry Chapin, Bob Dylan, The Band, Little Feat, and on and
on....).  Joni Mitchell is wonderful in concert.  Have you ever seen her?
Whenever I need to focus, I listen to her music.  Back in my wilder days,
after rent, food  and utilities, next came concerts.  Prior to that I had a
"progressive" aunt who took me to many, many concerts.

Take care my hippie friend,

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