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[MOL] Oh my gosh, I am going to get pregnant and have rotton teeth too!

Ease Your Mind -- but Watch Your Mouth
If you're taking antidepressant medication, your teeth and gums may
suffer. According to a recent study, dry mouth -- a common side
effect of many antidepressant medications -- can lead to severe
tooth and gum disease. "Dry mouth often goes unrecognized by
physicians and dentists," says F.P.M.L. Peters, MD, a researcher at
Maastricht University in the Netherlands. "And saliva is necessary
for cleaning the smooth surfaces of teeth and to remineralize them."
If you're taking antidepressants and experience puffiness or bleeding
along the gumline -- the first signs of gum disease -- consult your
dentist. Prescription-strength fluoride gels can help remineralize
your teeth, but you'll still need to be extra careful about brushing
and flossing after eating. (Source: General Hospital Psychiatry)

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