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[MOL] Some infor for Smb

Dear Smb.


I just posted an article on sterotactic radiosurgery and body tumors. 

According to Doctor Gil Lederman of Staten Island University in New

YOrk, he has better results with tumor cancer than say conventional

radiation. YOu may want to call him before Katie starts her radiation.

Did you see my message that I posted to MOl say yesterday about "A Major

Breakthrough in brain and body tumors".  If you didn't receive, I will

e-mail to you personally. IT is worth exploring.

God Bless

marty auslander

Smb1970@aol.com wrote:


> Katie is 4 1/2 years old.  We live in Vermont.  We have been told the only

> treatment at this time (she already had surgery) is radiation.  Then it's wait

> and see...


> Good news!  Her spinal tap and the MRI of her spine came back 100% OK.  So,

> they'll only have to radiate the area where the tumor was.  She starts

> radiation next Wednesday.  She's doing great about responding to the doctors

> and technicians and doing what they ask.  She is definitely one brave little

> girl.


> If anyone has any more information that would be great.  Thanks for the stuff

> sent already.
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