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On Jan. 22nd, 1994 my mother died of Colon/Liver cancer.  I'm just now
beginning to realize that my reluctance to participate in these forums is the
result of stored up anger.  Also, I don't want to offend, depress, or annoy
anyone.  So, my impromptu thoughts via "free verse" seemed to be a means to
express some of of my thoughts and emotions in a rational format.  It pleases
me that you were pleased.

I haven't done a very good job in keeping Diana up to date during her absence.
I talk with her every evening and she always asks about you and her MOLER
friends.  For a brief period, she was on AOL in STL (St. Louis) and was able
to access the messages we received at home.  But, our nephew took his computer
away, so, now she relies on me to keep her informed.......I'll try to do

Diana will be home for a brief stay around the 23rd.  I'm sure she will be in
touch with you.  In the meanwhile, please be assured that she misses you; and,
you and yours are in her daily thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for your kind words.

Your friend,


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<< Hey Lin,
 Thanks, truly. That was very profound and clear and direct. I know I
 need those thoughts from time to time. Glad you shared that with us.
 God Bless
 your friend
 marty auslander >>
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