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Re: [MOL] Marty

Dear Carla,

Thank you dear. Thank you. I received a call from Ron about a month ago
when jOhn and he thought I was leaving MOl. They were concerned and I
told he and John that I was getting burned out and needed to leave for a
few days, not permanently. His call came from the hospital. And yes, we
also had personal e-mails back and forth, probably not as many as yours,
but whatever we did communicate was also quality, like yours. Yes, he
will be missed but not forgotten. Barb and I will visit his gravesite
when we go to New YOrk. If you wish I will leave a stone on his "head"
for you in rememberance of his friend Carla.

Take care, I am very concerned about John. Havent heard from him in
several days. That is truly unusual. I know he probably was with Ron to
the end. That will hurt him more than we know. I don't know how to get a
hold of him, but I will call him tonight. Let you know.

God Bless

> > ken naehring wrote:
> >
> > I am glad that you logged on and got the news about Ron.. It hurt so
> > bad and I hurt with the news.... I know that you and Barb do too and
> > that John, Lil, Diana, and Sally are going to hurt alot too when they
> > read the news.  I also forwarded it to Barbara Silverman.
> >
> > I have missed Ron for a long time.. He and I used to do alot of
> > emailing back and forth offline and he has been too sick to do that
> > for a long time..  Maybe that was a part of God's way of partially
> > preparing me for the loss of a dear brother...  part of the core of my
> > heart and the initial group that helped to bring me up from the dark
> > sea of cancer...
> >
> > I do believe in God and I do believe in heaven and I do believe that
> > our Ron has ceased his suffering, having given his disease a most
> > brilliant fight.  Ron was the brother who reached inside those he knew
> > and brought out the best of them.  He was the artist, who painted
> > beautiful landscapes of New York City, for those of us who had never
> > seen it and making those who have.. question what they missed in
> > viewing it through their own eyes...
> >
> > Ron respected all peoples rights to their own opinions and it was on
> > rare occasion that he posted to any discussion being bantered back and
> > forth with differing opinions, unless he believed that he could make a
> > difference.....  Ron respected all religious beliefs and never tried
> > to sway one to his own, but found the commonality of love to share.
> >
> > Ron also had a good sense of humor and seemed to spend much of his
> > time of pain comforting those inflicting it upon him, with this
> > wonderful humor...  He could laugh about everything except those
> > speakers in the rooms at the hospital....  Getting those removed would
> > be a wonderful memorial to Ron....
> >
> > I just finished reading through many of his emails, both to mol and to
> > me and I found one where he said:
> >
> > Smiling myself away, like the Cheshire cat, disappearing into the air
> > ... only the smile left ...
> >
> > You'd better get to bed too
> >
> > -- Ron
> >
> > Well our dear friend Ron...  you were a smile in my life and my heart
> > will forever carry your smile....  I know you found your light Ron...
> > In my Christian belief...  I pray that my light, Jesus has found you.
> > Until the day when we meet again my friend....  Lifting up my love...
> > Carla
> >
> >
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