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[MOL] Sally

Dear Sally,

My husband is also 42 years old, and we have been married for 21 years
in September.  My heart goes out to you.  It is very hard for me.
We have four children, ages, l9, l5, 7, and 5.  The three oldest
are girls and the 5 year old is the boy my husband always dreamed
about.  NOt that he doesn't adore his girls!!  

My husband had stage lV lung cancer.  I am so scared!  It's only
been two months since his diagnosis.  I just don't know what lies
ahead and it's terrifying.  

I am trying to be strong for him and for our children.  Sometimes
I feel like I am losing my mind, like this is all a bad dream or
something and I am going to wake up, or should I say, I pray to
wake up and find it was just a dream.

 Sorry to keep running off at the mouth.  My sympathy's are with
you.  I will pray for you both.

God Bless You
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