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Re: [MOL]Chemical Scares

Joan, I wish it were not true that we have become a society of chemical scare and artificial injections of harmones to our meat; etc.; but it is fact. We used to make something our family loved while living in Vermont called "sugar on snow".  The maple tree's were taped and just when it would start to snow, the maple sap could be collected.  We would gather the fresh snow and poor the hot maple sap over it, oh was it good.  Then we started hearing about the pollution in the air, that would get into the snow as it fell and that ended a wonderful family goodie.  Our own little herb garden would certainly be the best route; but I don't have a green thumb, what say you?  How are you doing Joan, holding up okay?  Your friend, Lillian

Joan wrote:

 Carla, that must have been an unsettling meeting. It would indeed be scary to think we are consuming nothing but chemicals along with our healing herbs. One thought I had on the doctor's statistics, however, is in that reporting the amount of herbicides he said we used in the 30's, he also did not call up the fact that there are millions and millions more people now, with the demand for food so much larger than that we can't even imagine. This in itself would bring about the need for much more pest control, which is a very large burden for food producers. However, we can wash our food before we eat it, but how can we wash herbs? Maybe we should all start our "victory health herb gardens" in our backyards and kitchens. I may be completely out of line in my comments here, but I do think the chemical scare may be an exaggerated one. I certainly  hope so. Your friend, Joan

ken naehring wrote:

 My head is spinning a little because of a meeting that I attended tonight.  The speaker was an internal medicine doctor and the program was on herbs and tincture extracts for healing.. I only had a moment to talk with him as after he was finished many people were lined up to talk with him, but I do think that I will make an appointment and go in to see him and see what he recommends.. He had some really good points...  such as that we should all get life from live...  plants etc..  He told how many herbs used to make the products sold in health food stores are imported in from other countries and they come in bales..  When they get to the U.S., the government orders them sprayed with chemicals and then they are used in the natural products we are buying...  I found that unsettling...  I for one am trying to get away from chemicals and toxins..  He said that in 1935 before we were using pesticides/chemical fertilizers the U.S. had 10-15% loss of crops due to insect damage..  In 1993 it was 18%, so they are not doing what they were to do and are filling us with toxic poison.. He said that many of the prescriptions are made with a petroleum base which is toxic as well..  Now, he is an Internist and he does the nutrition on the side...  When I asked him about cancer, he said that one or two tinctures were not the answer.. He said that first I would need to detox my system with distilled water and herbs..  He also said that he could do a blood test and tell from that if a person was going to get cancer and/or if it was going to come back...  He said that he monitors his cancer patients this way, by taking a drop of blood at each visit... I think it is worth going to see what he says on a one on one basis...  Afterall, I am taking a bunch of herbs, vitamins and minerals now and juicing...  I know what the tinctures cost and it would probably save me money each month over what I am doing now... I don't know, but I just thought I would throw this out on the mol and see if anyone else has ever come across a doctor who truly studies and prescribes holistically???   Thanks, Carla