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[MOL] Need more information

To: Whom it may concern,
I was searching for few answers concerning my condition and I came
crossed with your homepage.So, I am writing this to request any
information regarding Myelofibrosis.
I am an 23 years old Korean American currently living in Japan. Since my
last treatment of my Knee injury that they told me that I have very low
account of red cell and told me to do a through check-up.
So, I did and they told me from my marrow checks and few other test that
I have a myelofibrosis. Since my first diagnosis I have returned to
Hospital few times do a continuos check-up without finding our about my
They told me that it is rare for such young person such as I do have
this disease and I have discomfort in my abdomen section. But, since
taking Chinese medicine, discomfort has disappeared. I do not feel that
weak or dizzy. So, I assume that I do not know anemia. But, I am worried
about the uncertainty of this disease. What is chance of living normal
life? When would it turn into cancer of blood or When do I need blood
transfusion and etc.
I need to find out more information about this so please send me
anything you can to either my e-mail or to my home address
My name is Joung
101 mezon seleso
Sakura 1-8-3, Tsukuba research city
Ibaraki prefecture, Japan, 305-0003

My e-mail is jchung@social.tsukuba.ac.jp

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