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[MOL] breast cancer

i'm new to the list.  my grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer 5
years ago and was receiving hormonal therapy up until about 2 months
ago, when she started taking chemo treatments.  i think she's in stage
III, the cancer has moved into her bones.  she's also had some radiation
therapy on her hip.  she was recently hospitalized for diverticulitis,
had surgery to remove a section of her large intestine, and now she has
a colostomy bag and a catheter.  after the surgery, she was doing really
bad, not eating, and one of the nurses in the hospital thought to check
the levels of calcium in her blood, and it turns out she was suffering
from hypercalcemia.  so they put her on a saline solution and she
improved enough to go home yesterday.  now there appears to be blood in
her urine, which her home nurse says shouldn't be happening.  this
started this morning, and of course, i'm sure my mother and aunt (who
are caring for her) will be contacting the doctor.  i've just been
looking up information on the internet because my mother and aunt really
don't know what kind of questions they should be asking the doctor, and
they don't really have a good understanding of what's going on.  i read
on some website that sometimes anti-cancer drugs can cause reddish or
bloody urine, but i don't know if that would still be an effect from the
chemo treatment, or if it's connected to some kind of kidney damage
caused by the hypercalcemia.  i also probably don't know enough about
the specifics, like what drugs they've been giving her.  i don't know if
this is the right kind of question for this list, but if anyone has any
kind of helpful information, i would appreciate it.
thank you,

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