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Re: [MOL] BladeQueen...such a cosmic name :+)

Dear JOhn and BladeQueen,

Thank you for that beautiful philosophical message. things to ponder, to
consider and a calling to be determined. Thank you.

God Bless
marty wrote:
> Dear BladeQueen,
> I agree and believe a step further...that without the will to live, the
> hope of another tomorrow, and a faith in the spiritual essence of our own
> being, all the technical skill and advances will be without effect.  It
> is those "intangibles" that effect the immune system and determine who
> will survive.  The "gift" of cancer is the realization that, one day we
> all WILL die and that what is really important is what we do with the
> gift of today.  Cancer awakens us to the importance of the spiritual and
> emotional side of human existence...a side that is often kept in the
> closet...and encourages us to nurture and care for that part of being
> alive.
> Cancer teaches that all the things that stressed us and that we thought
> so important is really small stuff...and you should never worry about the
> small stuff.  What is really important is the relationships that we have
> with each other, loving and caring for some one else, learning to accept
> love from others, opening ourselves to the real beauty around us...the
> rain, a sun set, the stillness of a dark night, the wakeup call of the
> birds a 5am.  It is all part of being part of life.  We got so used to
> chasing after things that we believed ourselves to be those things and
> forgot that there is a whole universe out there for us to enjoy.
> Woops, didn't mean to go on like that...guess I feel rather strongly
> about the subject having had cancer wake me up only a year ago.  God
> Bless and I look forward to getting to know you.
> John
> BladeQueen wrote:
> >
> > Martin, thankyou for your response. I have learned
> >
> > something new about this practise I am just a
> >
> > fledgling at. well being is more than physical
> >
> > health, it is emotional, spiritual and mental as
> >
> > well. It is really nice to meet someone else
> >
> > who has a like mind.  Thanks again!
> >
> > Stay Well
> >
> > BladeQueen....------------------------------------------------------------------------
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