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[MOL] Re: HewRon has returned!

Dear Ron,

Now it is official...WELCOME BACK my dear friend!!!!  I look forward to 
you gaining in strength and focus after your five week ordeal in the 
hospital.  The family is again intact!  Just wait till Diana, Lillian and 
Carla are all on line...we'll be up to 200 messages a day!!!!LOL

Rest my dear Buddha and shed your words of wisdom later as you take us 
all on a stroll through Central Park and to dinner at that hidden away 
Italian Resteraunt.

God Bless.

HewRon@aol.com wrote:
> Hello all.
> I've just resubscribed, figuring it necessary. Now I figure it necessary to
> lie down again. Talk about lack of balance! Today I shall just wander around
> the apartment as much as I can, but I must be ready for an outside expedition
> to visit the doctor tomorrow morning.
> If you sent anything after I posted my "Ron's back" note yesterday afternoon,
> please send it to me again. It's good to be back, but maybe I should have said
> "almost" instead of "just"!
> I know you understand.
> God bless.
> -- Ron
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