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[MOL] I Have Returned

To all my friends on mol I have returned (hold the aplause please :+)

It is good to come back from four days away and not find 500 messages!  
There were only 26 and that I can handel!!  Look forward to getting 
caught up with all the gossip...Ron it is soooo wonderful to have you 
home again!!!!

Caral and Lillian, we will miss you over the next few days but it will be 
great for the two of you to meet.  I look forward to a joint attack from 
you two against "us guys" when you have returned from the summit 
meeting!! LOL and God help us!

Les and Ross...how are you?  Hope all is going well.  Has anyone gotten 
an update on Charlie?  I'm wearing my prayer book out on him!!!

Well, look forward to hearing from you all again...especially my dear 
brother Marty!

God Bless.
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