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[MOL] Re: UPDATE: Diana's brother Gene

Dear Molers

Gene is in critical condition and here is the sequence of events.

Diana is in St Louis with her brother and asked me to give you an update.  I'm
not sure how many details you have already, but I'll do my best to give you a
chronological update on the the events since we left for St. Louis Thursday

Gene underwent "minor" surgery Thursday morning to drain some fluid that had
collected around his heart. We were advised about noon Thursday that
everything went well and he would be released on Saturday.  Upon arriving in
STL, we visited him Friday morn and evening and dispite the usual discomforts
associated with "minor" surgery he seemed to be doing well....but was
experiencing some nausea, loss of appetite, and weakness.  The hospital
announced on Saturday that Gene was ready to be released as soon as we could
come down and pick him up.  We got there about 10AM and were told that Gene's
blood Oxygen was low so we would need to transport him home with a tank of
oxygen and that an in-house unit would be installed that afternoon.  Without
elaborating on the many frustrations we experienced that day, Gene was finally
released at about 3:30pm and we brought him home.  Throughout the evening and
the following day (Sunday), Gene was still experiencing nausia, loss of
appetite, and loss of mobility.  At Diana's urging, he consumed some liquids
and joined us briefly for breakfast Sunday morning, but ate very little.  A
visiting "nurse" came at noon on Sunday and checked his vital signs and said
they were ok. About 6pm Sunday, Gene's condition seemed to be worsening rather
than stabilizing and so Diana called the "stand-in" Doc (regular Doc off for
the holiday).  The Doc was somewhat upset that the "nurse" had not measured
Gene's Oxygen level, but thought everything would be "ok" until Tuesday
(today) when he had an appointment with his regular Doc.

About 10pm  Sunday, Gene began experiencing some confusion (at least that was
when we first noticed). When the "confusion" began worsening, near midnight,
Diana called the "pinch-hitter" Doc for the 2nd time, who suggested we take
him to the emergency room. After several hours of waiting for examination,
tests, analysis etc., he was finally admitted back into the hospital about
7:30am Monday morning.  I returned to TX monday and Diana stayed in STL.  At
11pm Monday evening, Gene was moved into ICU. Earlier today Gene was put on a
respirator.  The Doctors have no explanation for what is happening....it
doesn't appear to have anything to do with his cancer.  

I talked with Diana about 30 minutes ago and she said the Docs now say that
Gene has Pneumonia and it's  touch and go.

I haven't participated in this forum, but will take this opportunity to thank
each of you for all the support, encouragement, and information you have given
Diana.  Please keep Gene in your thoughts and prayers.

Warmest regards,

Lin, Diana's "hubby".

P.S.:  It's been a difficult time for us and there's a lot of ranting and
raving (challenges) I would like to present to Doctors' and Hospital staffs'
about their lack of compassion (attitude), understanding (Do you speak my
language:  Common Sense?), intelligence (If at at point A an automobile is
traveling at 60mph and maintains a constant speed for 5280 feet, how long will
it take to reach point B, 1 mile away) , medical knowledge (May I see your
transcript?), and Deity Syndrome (If your heart stops beating during this
questioning, Doctor, should I restart it?), based on current and prior
experience, providing specific examples; but, I'll reserve those comments for
a time when I can present them in the factual, rational domain where their
significance will not be diminished by my present "emotional state of mind".
Chances are, there aren't any Docs out there with the intestinal fortitude
(guts). or, interest ("Show ME the MONEY"), to participate in this forum,
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