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Re: [MOL] Carla/Springer

Hey, this Springer thing has possibilities, only instead of going at
each other, why don't we turn the tables on 'em, and go after Springer
and his producers? With this group, they wouldn't know what hit 'em (if
you'll forgive the pun!) And at the same time, we dispell the notion
that cancerers are helpless! I like it! (Actually, the part I like is
the trip, and a chance to meet everyone--that would be great). LOL (now
does this mean "laughing out loud" or "lots of love"? I guess in this
case, both!) Joicy

firefly wrote:
> Bernie, how about having a friend working for the Springer show!  One
> problem, I am not really a fighter, I think Carla and Diana would kill me
> and poor John and Marty would have to come to my rescue, unless you would
> help me out?  I understand that Springer is going to clean up his show, do
> you know if this is true?  Then poor Jean and Joicy, Jean would be trying to
> console everyone and Joicy would be praying over some of us, and Les will be
> hollering get the panties, get the panties.  Sally would be directing us on
> where we should stand and when to duck.  Joan would be saying "hello Mr
> Springer"  in this deep soft breath, Jeanne K. would pull out a list of
> herbs to hear our wounds and Christine would put her sister in the middle of
> the biggest fight.  We just may be too much for his show too.  Drats!  Your
> friend, Lillian
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