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[MOL] Re: Emmett

I sent a copy of your message to Emmett to Annie.  I think your words
will help many people.  I plan to keep a copy of your message for my own
reference, too.  I am also the type of person who too often agonizes over
why things happen, rather than just accepting them as they come.  I get
annoyed when people don't watch for cars as they cross the parking lot at
the grocery store (especially when they're leading little children by the
hand) and when people drive crazily, etc.  The only one who really
suffers when this happens is me!  It gets me all worked up and irritated.
 Not a very healthy situation.  I'll have to keep working on this. 
P.S.  I'll keep an eye out for inch the worm for you, too.  If we find
one here, I'll have Tom buy an extra one for you.  I told Annie you're on
the look-out for one, too, so maybe she'll find one in Ohio, but I
sort-of doubt it.  I think a sold-out sign means just that - sold-out of
everything.  I'm so grateful to Betsy for offering her inch the worm to
Annie.   Inch the worm must be awfully cute to be in such demand. 

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