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Re: [MOL] I am back

Glad you're back, Sheila, we missed you, too. And glad to hear your good
news, too. Have a great holiday weekend! Love, joicy

Tagteam75 wrote:
> Well guys, we had to stop out internet service lack of funds, but now have
> free month on AOL.  Hopefully we will get things together to where I can
> continue to have internet.  Have missed you all lots.
> Lillian, I asked for tickets to our AAA baseball team, they asked "how many".
> It was that easy.
> My dad seems to be doing great.  He is spending the weekend with his sister,
> we have all the kids this weekend.  We have 3 that we have full time, and
> every other weekend we get my husbands other two kids ( we have custody of his
> 16 year old) and they are a bit much for my dad.   Hell sometimes they are a
> bit much for me.  Anyway I am glad to be back, and am looking forward to
> recieving my daily dose of mail from you guys.
> Sheila
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