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[MOL] Dont know if my Message has been posted

Good Evening My Friends,

The following is more good news that was heard and learned. Thought this

might additionally be of interest to you.  This is certainly getting

much attention from those with cancer diseases who are older in age.

God bless...more info on the way.

marty auslander



Several studies presented Tuesday at the annual meeting of the American

Society of Clinical Oncology suggest that older patients might fare as

well as younger ones undergoing chemotherapy.

One study by the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center in Baltimore found that

older women who took two commonly used breast cancer chemotherapy drugs,

doxurubicin and cyclophosphamide, had no significant differences in side

effects or quality of life compared with younger patients.  

A second study, of Italian lungcancer patients 70 and older, found that

a chemotherapy drug, vinorelbine, extended life and was well tolerated

without the side effects associated with other lung-cancer drugs.

Some centers are expanding programs to the elderly. the University of

Michigan has a new cancer and geriatrics center.  In July, the

University of Southern California Cancer Center and Hospital will open a

geriatrics cancer center.

Part of the push is to get insurance plans, including the federal

Medicare program, to fund cancer treatment done as part of research

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