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[MOL] Annie's message

Here's another message from Annie.  I think she's probably doing just
fine.  The reason I'm sending this one, though, is because she mentions a
beanie baby she wants from McD's.  My mother-in-law asked us to keep any
eye out for Inch the Worm for her.  I haven't yet seen it here and I
wondered if anyone else has seen it where they live?  Obviously beanie
babies appeal to grown-ups, as well as kids.  The grandparents are buying
beanie babies for their grandchildren, so all I'm interested in is trying
to find the one beanie baby that Annie would like to have.  If you think
you can lay your hands on  Inch the Worm, let me know.  I'll be glad to
reimburse you for it.

Hi All!

I made a little trip to WalMart tonight.  I thought that since I was out
and about that I would stop at McDonalds and get me a teenie beanie baby.
 Just my luck, as I got to the door, they were just posting a sign that
said they were out of stock of beanie babies.  Gosh, all I wanted was one
- not twenty like Mom & Dad.

I might try again tomorrow.  When they say "out of stock", I hope it
means for the DAY, not that they are totally out of stock.  I read in the
local newspaper that some people were camping out in McDonalds around the
clock.  It's an incredible phenomena!

Lots of wonderful days lately - weather wise.  I've mostly been staying
inside though.  But it's nice to look out at the sun.


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