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Re: [MOL] from Katiesgma

Dear Sue, let me add my prayers to yours! And also a suggestion or two
that seemed to help me in my surgeries...I always say a prayer with/for
my doc before surgery (this has led to some wonderful conversations
later, by the way, and one doc even shared how he always prays for his
patients, though most don't know it!) Also, I keep hearing how powerful
suggestions are when you're under anesthesia (docs have lowered patients
blood pressure while in surgery, just by telling the patient!). So, I
tell the anesthesiologist to tell me 3 things before they're finished
with me: 1. I will feel no pain in recovery, 2. I will have no side
effects from anesthesia, and 3. I will heal quickly from the surgery.
Now some can call it coincidence, but the only surgery in 7 where I had
any problem was when I forgot to tell them! And the docs were always
amazed at how quickly i healed. I know that your surgery is more severe,
but I pass this on in the hope it may help. Love and prayers, Joicy

> No, I am not calm about the surgery.  I am resigned though.  And, I am anxious
> to get it over with so I can start my path to recovery.  Prayer has helped me
> a lot.  There is nothing I can do but to ask God for strength to get through
> it.  I also pray that He will guide my surgeon's hands.
> God bless you.  Sue
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